2022 June Release

Downloading AssetsPermanent link for this heading

When you download an asset, you can select the download format. The formats defined in the DAM configuration, which are suitable for the type of the asset and which are allowed to use, are offered as download formats.


  • If you select several assets, they are downloaded as ZIP file.
  • If you download a single image, the "Copy to Clipboard" button is also available.
  • If you select a download format for images that allows you to customize the image when you are downloading, you can use the “Edit” button to scale the image and specify an area.
  • If you select different types of assets to download, download formats are offered according to the selected types. Only those assets are downloaded, which can be converted to the selected download format.
  • If videos or audios are not available in the desired download format, an appropriate message is displayed and the conversion is started in the background. After conversion, you can run the download again.