2022 June Release

Digital Asset Management DashboardPermanent link for this heading

The digital asset management dashboard is your access point to the digital asset management.

When you are added as an app user to a DAM configuration, a dashboard is automatically created and placed on “Home”. If you are removed as an app user, the dashboard is removed, too.

The digital asset management dashboard is divided in following areas:

  • Recently Used Assets
    Shows the assets that have been recently used by you.
  • Asset Shelf Structure
    Shows the top-level asset shelves that are used to manage the assets.
  • All Asset Shelves
    Shows all asset shelves independent of the level.
  • Transfer Collections
    Shows your transfer collections, if at least one transfer collection exists.

You can execute following actions:

  • Create Asset Shelf
    With the “Create Asset Shelf” action you can create new asset shelves.
  • Create Transfer Collection
    With the “Create Transfer Collection” action you can create new transfer collections. Transfer collections are used to collect assets from different folders and shelves and make them available as a public link.
  • Switch to Configuration
    With the “Switch to Configuration” action you can view the configuration that is associated with the dashboard.
  • Settings
    With the “Settings” action you can define common properties of the digital asset management dashboard like the logo or notification setting.