2022 June Release

Fabasoft Private Cloud 2022 June ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user you can expect the following new features.

Collections for Templates and PresettingsPermanent link for this heading

To simplify the management of templates and presettings, templates, text modules, insight apps, forms, categories, processes and presettings can be managed together in a “Collection for Templates and Presettings”. Separate areas are available in the collection for this purpose.

Thus, templates and presettings of a use case can be combined and you only have to assign access rights once.

Users with the “Full Control” or “Change Access” roles are no longer implicitly offered the templates for use. In order to use the templates, the “User” role is also required.

Users with the “Read Access” role can only use templates and presettings if they are explicitly referenced, for example, in the context of an app room. Thus, templates can be centrally managed in the collection but they are not generally offered.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • In the settings of Teamrooms, on the “Content Settings” tab, in the Remove PDF Document Restrictions on Upload field, you can specify whether to remove the PDF document restrictions when uploading PDF documents. A possibly defined password to open the document will not be removed.
  • The element selected in the tree view of the 3D viewer is highlighted in the 3D view for better orientation.
  • For activities and activity definitions, the associated work items are displayed in the properties and in the info box. For each work item, the following additional information is displayed if it applies:
    • Multiple
    • Must Be Executed
    • Completes Activity
    • Conditionally Visible
    • With Precondition
    • Executed by (for activity instances)
    • Started or Completed (for activity instances; process administrators additionally see the time)
  • When you define a Teamroom as a template, the objects defined in the Teamroom's templates and presettings are copied to the Teamroom instance as shortcuts.

Process and Form DesignersPermanent link for this heading

As a process or form designer you can expect the following new features.

  • In a template and presetting collection, forms from other collections can be inserted as a shortcut to be used in a form, for example, as a base form.
  • If a follow-up activity (e.g. “Deny Approval”) is inserted programmatically for grouped activities, the follow-up activities are also grouped.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new features.