2022 June Release

Fabasoft Private Cloud 2022 April ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Private Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As an end user you can expect the following new features.

Scene Graph in the 3D ViewerPermanent link for this heading

The integrated 3D viewer, which must be licensed separately, now also offers the option of displaying the scene graph of the displayed 3D model. A scene graph is an object-oriented data structure that describes the logical or spatial arrangement of the three-dimensional object to be displayed.

CAD Object

To be able to store 3D models in the Fabasoft Private Cloud, the “CAD Object” object class is available. Using the "View in 3D Viewer" action, you can display the 3D model in the integrated 3D viewer.

3D Viewer

The integrated 3D viewer allows you to view 3D models interactively in an overlay. You can rotate, zoom and position the 3D model using the keyboard and mouse.

You can show or hide the tree view using the corresponding button. The individual elements/element groups can be shown or hidden via the respective check boxes.

In addition, it is possible to hide the navigation cube.

Multilingual Text ModulesPermanent link for this heading

Further text modules can be assigned to a text module as translations. To create a translation for a text module, the “Create Translation” action is available. If translations already exist, the "Translations" action can be used to navigate to the corresponding text modules or to create a new translation.

Translations receive, among other things, the text module category and settings for usage from the text module of the main language.

Each translation must be released before it can be used. When you release a text module with translations, a dialog will inform you about unreleased translations. You can release all translations at the same time.

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • In the search portal, the “Insight Apps” tab shows all released insight apps from app configurations, app rooms, Teamrooms and insight app collections to which you have been granted permission.
  • In Xtech documents, fields of the document's file can be inserted. In Xeditor text modules and Xtech document templates, the usability can be restricted to files.
  • In the Xeditor, you can insert images into an Xtech document via the “Fabasoft Private Cloud” > “Insert Image” toolbar.
  • Objects in unsorted lists can be moved not only by drag-and-drop but also with the context menu commands “Move” > “Prepare for Moving” and "Move" > "Move Before" or "Move After". Thus, the move functionality can also be used via keyboard operation.
  • The background tasks of objects are displayed on the “Background Tasks” tab. Whether background tasks that have already been processed are displayed depends on the action. When defining background tasks you can override the default setting of the action using the Remove Processed Entries From the List of Background Tasks field.
  • Notifications for “Templates and Presettings” and included collections are disabled by default.
  • When duplicating an inbox, the rules are copied as well.
  • In Teamrooms, thesauri for keywording can be defined under “Templates and Preferences”.
  • When using the "Increase Contrast" accessibility setting, read-only cells are additionally marked with dashed boundary lines in the detail view when table editing is enabled.
  • Working with encrypted Teamrooms is now also possible without an installed Fabasoft Cloud Client, so documents can be uploaded or downloaded. The encrypted preview images and documents are also displayed.
    There are the following restrictions for working without the Fabasoft Cloud Client:
    • The document size is limited to 100 MB.
    • A maximum of 5 files can be downloaded at the same time.

Process and Form DesignersPermanent link for this heading

As a process or form designer you can expect the following new features.

  • The new workflow activity “Forward for Review” (only available in BPMN processes) allows a document to be forwarded for review.
  • The keeporiginaldiagramversion process parameter can be used to specify whether the at the start of the process released versions of subprocesses are retained. This way, re-releasing subprocesses does not affect processes that are already running:
    process.SetProcessParameter("keeporiginaldiagramversion", true);
  • For organizational units, external organizations and teams, the “Notification Settings” tab can be used to define the workflow event settings valid for the corresponding group. The notifications will be sent to the first e-mail address specified in the E-Mail Addresses field on the “Address” tab. Thus, not all members of the group are notified anymore, but only the defined e-mail address.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As an administrator you can expect the following new features.

  • The organization policy Open Content via a Network Drive (WebDAV) defines who is allowed to access your organization's content via a network drive (WebDAV). If access is not allowed, the common WebDAV clients are blocked.
  • Separate, much smaller MSI packages without Webview2 runtime are available for the Fabasoft Cloud Client and Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client (CloudClient-Win11.msi and CloudClientEnterprise-Win11.msi). These can be used on Windows 11 systems, since the Webview2 runtime is an integral part of the operating system. The MSI packages can also be used on Windows 10 systems if it is ensured that the Webview2 runtime is installed.