2022 June Release

Fabasoft Private Cloud 2021 July ReleasePermanent link for this heading

Find out more about new features and improvements in the Fabasoft Private Cloud.

UsersPermanent link for this heading

As end user you can expect the following new features.

Fabasoft XtechwriterPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Xtechwriter allows for simple, intuitive and collaborative production of structured documents in XML. This format enables the media-neutral creation, semantic markup, automatic processing and efficient publishing.

Note: Fabasoft Xtechwriter must be licensed separately.

  • Xtechwriter Dashboard
    The Xtechwriter dashboard is the central access point to Fabasoft Xtechwriter.
  • Creating Xtech Documents
    An Xtech document describes the structure of a document and consists of individuals topics. The referenced stylesheet defines the XML schema and the appearance of the document.
  • Editing Xtech Documents
    The contents of an Xtech document are mainly generated and managed via Xeditor. In the tree view, the document structure can be determined on the topic level. Existing topics can be re-used and added to an Xtech document.
  • Using Text Modules
    Text modules allow re-using content in several documents. Upon resolving, the content of the referred text modules is written in the document. Hence, the document always is up-to-date. In addition, conditions can be used to decide if a text module should be displayed, which easily allows for various versions of a document to be published.
  • Publish Xtech Documents
    Xtech documents can be published in PDF. Both the master data and the conditions of chapters and text modules are considered. A supplied process is available for the release of the publication, which can be replaced by your own process if necessary.
  • Using Master Data
    Master data can be added to Xtech documents via JSON. This data is then considered during publishing.
  • Xtechwriter Configuration
    The Xtechwriter configuration contains settings that apply to all shelves. The allocation of roles permits users to use Fabasoft Xtechwriter. The scope of access rights is determined by the corresponding role.
  • Manage Shelves
    Xtech documents and more contents are managed in shelves. Allocating roles determines access rights for individual shelves.
  • Manage Stylesheets
    Stylesheets define the XML schema and the appearance of media-neutral Xtech documents.
  • Using External Areas
    If certain users are not supposed to have access to the entire Xtech document, external areas are a viable option. External areas can contain additional information and individual topics that can be linked to Xtech documents.

Digital SignaturePermanent link for this heading

Digital signatures can now be applied to documents even more easily.

Signature Dialog

When you digitally sign a document, you are taken directly to the document to be signed without any intermediate step. You can use the “More Information” button to add a remark if necessary and select a certificate if you have more than one certificate available.

Signature Areas

To predefine the position and size of visual signatures, signature areas are available. To do so, use the “Define Signature Areas” context menu command on a document.

When you double-click a signature area during digital signing, the signature selection dialog opens. After selecting the signature, it is inserted and the signature area is deleted.

Signature Folders

Using a signature folder, several documents of a file can be combined, visually signed, and digitally signed. Signing by means of a signature folder is started on a file via the “Tools” > “Prepare Signature Folder” context menu command. Alternatively, the “Prepare Signature Folder” activity, which is available for BPMN and ad hoc processes, can be used. The signature process offers the following options:

  • “Prepare Signature Folder” activity
    The "Prepare" work item can be used to create the signature folder.
  • “Print Signature Folder” activity
    The "Print" work item can be used by the responsible user to print the documents that have been combined into one PDF document.
  • “Upload Signed Document” activity
    The "Upload" or "Scan" work item can be used by the responsible user to upload the combined document.
    The "Sign Manually" work item can be used to record manual signatures digitally.
  • “Sign Signature Folder" activity
    The "Sign" work item can be used to visually and digitally sign the combined document. The individual documents are also digitally signed.

Integration in Microsoft OfficePermanent link for this heading

The integration in Microsoft Office is now available for Microsoft Word Online and Microsoft Word for Mac.

Microsoft Word Online

To use the integration in Microsoft Word Online, you must add the Office add-in “Fabasoft Cloud” from the Microsoft Store to Microsoft Word Online.

Available functionality:

  • Send Link
  • Show in Web
  • Insert Text
    • Plain Text Module
    • Formatted Text Module

Microsoft Word for Mac

To use the integration in Microsoft Word for Mac, the Fabasoft Cloud Client must be installed and you must add the Office add-in “Fabasoft Cloud” from the Microsoft Store to Microsoft Word for Mac.

Available functionality:

  • Send Link
  • Show in Web
  • Insert Text
    • Property
    • Plain Text Module
    • Formatted Text Module
    • Text Module Placeholder
  • Insert Field
  • Replace Text Module Placeholder

Further Improvements

  • The short date format defined in the operating system is used for date fields.
  • The following properties are additionally offered as fields: Valid From, Valid Until, Released Version Number, and Released Version Date.

Search PortalPermanent link for this heading

In addition to the quick search field in the header, a separate “Search” card is offered on Home, which leads to the search portal. The search portal consists of a search input field, the additional selectable search criteria and available actions.

Search Field

When entering the search term, corresponding suggestions are displayed. By clicking on the magnifying glass or pressing the Enter key, the search is performed.

Search Criteria

The following search criteria are offered by default:

  • Where (e.g. in this organization)
  • Date
  • Type (e.g. Microsoft Word document)
  • Included in Teamroom
  • App-specific search criteria

Common ImprovementsPermanent link for this heading

  • Images can now be commented as well.
  • You can cancel files on which you have been granted change rights via the category even if the files are assigned to a Teamroom in which you have read access.

Process and Form DesignersPermanent link for this heading

As process or form designer you can expect the following new features.

  • To be able to define users stored in a Teamroom property as workflow participants, the following abstract participants are available.
    • Property of the Teamroom of the Object
    • Role by Property of the Teamroom of the Object
  • If a list property is used to define the workflow participants, it is possible to specify whether the activity should be inserted multiple times. Thus, it is possible to create a separate activity instance for each resolved participant or only one activity instance for all participants.
  • Fabasoft app.ducx Expressions stored in expression properties can be displayed in the detail view of lists.

AdministratorsPermanent link for this heading

As administrator you can expect the following new features.

  • Organizational structure import
    The Only Update Organizational Structure option (only visible if Complete Organizational Structure Matching is disabled) allows you to define whether only existing positions and organizational units are updated. New organizational elements will not be created.
  • Organizational units and positions can be moved within the organizational structure using the “Move Organizational Unit” and “Move Position” context menu commands. Moving is also possible via a CSV import by changing the entry for ParentKey or Level.
  • As an organization administrator, you can change the e-mail addresses of your members.
  • If there are many entries in the “Exclusions” list, they will be archived in year and month folders.
  • When viewing the Teamroom usage, the “Copy Teamrooms” button can be used to copy the user's Teamrooms to the clipboard.
  • The Fabasoft Cloud Client now uses the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. This has increased the size of the installation package accordingly.