2022 June Release

Structuring Elements of the Personnel FilePermanent link for this heading

The structuring elements of the personnel file are:

  • Personnel File (Dashboard)
    For end users the dashboard is the access point to the personnel file.
  • Personnel File Configuration
    In the personnel file configuration common settings, the structure of personnel files and the personnel file users (licensing) are defined.
  • Personnel File Shelf
    The personnel file shelf is based on a personnel file configuration, but the defined settings can be overwritten or extended. The personnel file shelf is used to manage the personnel files and to specify the access rights.
  • Personnel File
    A personnel file is assigned to a person who is standing in an upright employment relationship with the company or will be or was in such an employment relationship. Besides the possibility to enter metadata, documents can be stored.
  • Personnel File Folder
    Personnel file folders are used for structuring personnel files. Besides the predefined folders that are defined in the personnel file configuration or personnel file shelf, additional personnel file folders can be created ad hoc.
  • Business Case Shelf
    In a business case shelf, business cases and documents are managed, which are not assigned to a single personnel file. Bulk documents can be used to generate and store individual documents for each personnel file.
  • Personnel File Collection
    A personnel file collection can be created in a Teamroom and can be used to collect personnel files that are relevant for the user.