2022 June Release

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In a business case shelf, business cases and documents are managed, which are not assigned to a single personnel file. Bulk documents can be used to generate and store individual documents for each personnel file.

The access rights of a business case shelf can be defined using the “Team” action. Shelf folders are available for the hierarchical structuring of a business case shelf.

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Documents and bulk documents are managed in a business case.

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A bulk document can contain several documents (also of different types). One document in the bulk document can be defined as the main document. In addition, personnel files can be specified for which personalized personnel file documents can be generated from the bulk document.

Create and Register Personnel File Documents

To use the bulk document functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the desired business case and create a bulk document.
  2. Specify the documents in the bulk document (one as the main document).
    Note: In Microsoft Word documents, you can insert fields that allow the document to be personalized for the relevant personnel file.
  3. Define the personnel files (either individual personnel files or an entire shelf) for which a personnel file document should be generated from the bulk document. The Excluded Personnel Files field allows excluding a subset of personnel files.
  4. The personalized personnel file documents are created using the “Bulk Document” > “Create Personnel File Documents” context menu command. The generated personnel file documents can be found in the properties of the bulk document on the “Personnel File Documents” tab.
  5. Via the “Bulk Document” > “Register Personnel File Documents” context menu command, the generated personnel file documents are registered for the corresponding personnel files. You must specify the personnel file folder in which the personnel file documents are to be stored. You can also specify additional metadata.

Print Personnel File Documents

If you want to print the documents to obtain a manual signature, perform the following steps as well.

  1. When carrying out the “Bulk Document” > “Print Personnel File Documents” context menu command, a single PDF document is generated from all personnel file documents with an individual QR code for each personnel file document.
  2. Print the PDF document and obtain the signatures.
  3. Scan the paper documents with the signatures and place them in an appropriately configured inbox.
    Note: More information about inboxes can be found in chapter “Inbox”.
  4. The action defined in the inbox is used to replace all documents in the corresponding personnel file document with the scanned document. The QR code is used to identify the personnel file document.

Start Process for Personnel File Documents

To start a process for personnel file documents, proceed as follows:

  1. Execute the “Bulk Document" > “Start Process for Personnel File Documents” context menu command.
  2. Select the personnel file documents for which a process is to be started. You can use the “Remove” context menu command to remove individual personnel file documents.
  3. Click “Next”.
  4. Define the process and click the “Start Process” button.

Remove Canceled and Deleted Personnel File Documents

If personnel file documents have been canceled or deleted, these can be removed from the bulk document using the “Bulk Document” > “Remove Canceled and Deleted Personnel File Documents” context menu command. New personnel file documents can then again be created for the removed personnel file documents.