2022 June Release

Scope of Services – OperationsPermanent link for this heading

The Fabasoft Private Cloud allows an easy operation and supports for this purpose following use cases via an own management user interface.

Use Case



During installation, the following basic settings are defined:

  • Passwords for the different administrators
  • Infrastructure (e.g. DNS, e-mail server, time server)
  • DNS name of the Fabasoft Private Cloud
  • High availability
  • Mindbreeze InSpire (data connection)
  • Backup (location and interval)

System Monitoring

Fabasoft app.telemetry allows you to monitor the performance and availability of the Fabasoft Private Cloud from a user's point of view, as well as the individual system components.

The most important information is also displayed in the management dashboard.

Using the maintenance mode

In maintenance mode the Fabasoft Private Cloud Services are stopped, so that they cannot be accessed by users.

Managing servers

The servers can be stopped and started in an ordered way. In the case of stopping only one of the two servers the Fabasoft Private Cloud is still available after short failover times.

Managing HTTPS certificates

Access to the management and the Fabasoft Private Cloud is only possible over HTTPS using TLS encryption. For issuing corresponding HTTPS certificates "Certificate Signing Requests" (CSRs) can be generated and certificates of the customer authorities (internal/external) can be imported.  

Note: To use the iOS app "Fabasoft Cloud" the HTTPS certificates for the Fabasoft Private Cloud must be issued by a generally trusted certificate authority.

Renewing the license

An expired license can be renewed.

Installing updates

It is searched online for new updates that are offered for installation if applicable.

Backup and restore

The Fabasoft Private Cloud automatically ensures the redundancy of the data on the two server systems. If a server fails, the data is re-synchronized at least once a day.

In addition, a backup can be stored on a backup medium of the customer in a selectable interval (daily or weekly). The backup media must be connected to the Fabasoft Private Cloud via CIFS with username and password or NFS.

In addition to the configured automatic backups manual backups can be created at any time.

Editing settings

The settings made during installation can be edited if necessary.

Conditions of UsePermanent link for this heading

  • All statements contained in this software product information concerning the intended use and conditions of operation of the program are understood as information only on principle. To ensure and guarantee the intended use and conditions of operation in everyday use of the program, expert training by specially qualified staff is recommended in any case.
  • This program is intended for customary commercial use. This does not include usage that demands special requirements (like controlling of vehicles, machines and facilities, real-time applications).

Supported PlatformsPermanent link for this heading

Information about system requirements and supported platforms can be found in the document Technical Information (version corresponding to this software product information).