2022 June Release

Scope of Services – AdministrationPermanent link for this heading

The administration tasks in the Fabasoft Private Cloud can be easily carried out via the user interface.

Use Case


Managing certificates

To allow users to log in using a client certificate, certificate authorities and certificate revocation lists can be added to an organization.

Managing members and organizations

Organizations are used to administer users. The organizational structure (organizational units and positions) can be used for a hierarchical structuring of organization members. Teams provide an informal structuring possibility.

Typical organizational tasks are to add and remove members, manage organizational units, manage teams, change members' profiles, define organization administrators, assign service packages, monitor the team room usage and define the logo.

Managing external members and external organizations

Employees of suppliers, partner companies or customers can be added as external members to an organization. External members can be structured in external organizations.

Exclude member and nominate a successor

When excluding a member or external member from an organization a successor can be nominated who takes over the functions and access permissions.

User-defined forms

Starting from a graphical form editor additional metadata can be added to objects.

Managing the service desk

The support button requests can be processed in the service desk.