2022 June Release

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The Fabasoft Digital Asset Management provides the following options for managing content.

Use Case



The digital asset management dashboard is the access point to the digital asset management for end users. When a user receives access rights on an asset shelf, a dashboard is automatically created and placed on the user’s “Home”. Removing a user's rights will also remove the dashboard.

DAM configuration

In the DAM configuration, download formats, categories, user-defined forms, BPMN processes, thesauri, available optional fields, general settings and app users can be defined.

Getting location information from images

When registering images, location information can be determined from the GPS coordinates.

You need an account at https://developer.here.com/. This account must be purchased separately. When licensing, make sure in particular that the results of the geodata query are stored in the Fabasoft Cloud.

Configuration of Adobe Stock

Assets can be directly imported from Adobe Stock.

The prerequisite for establishing the connection to Adobe Stock is a valid “Adobe Stock API Application”.

Asset shelf

Asset shelves are used to manage the digital content and to define the access rights. Folders can be used to sub-structure the asset shelf.

External area

External areas can be defined in asset shelves. The access rights are taken over from the superordinate asset shelf and can be extended. This makes it easy to collaborate closely, for example, with external graphic design agencies.


Assets are digital content such as images, documents or videos. In addition to the content, metadata is also stored for the asset. In particular, license information can be stored.

Registering or re-registering assets

Assets that have not yet been assigned to an asset shelf can be registered to an asset shelf. During the registration, metadata can be defined. Metadata that can be extracted from the asset (e.g. Exif) is automatically taken over.

Converting assets

You can convert video files to MP4, OGV or WEBM. For audio files, MP3 and OGG are available. The conversion runs in the background.

Downloading assets

When downloading an asset, the download format can be selected. The formats defined in the DAM configuration, which are suitable for the type of the asset and which are allowed to use, are offered as download formats.

Tagging assets

User-defined terms can be used to tag assets.

Public links to assets

Download formats can also be defined for public links (accessible without account).

Using transfer collections

Transfer collections are used to collect assets from different folders and shelves and make them available as a public link.

Integration in the Adobe Creative Cloud

The Fabasoft Cloud Client offers an extension for Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC and Adobe Photoshop CC to directly access the digital asset management of the Fabasoft Cloud.


In an inbox, rules for the processing of incoming assets can be defined. A rule consists of conditions and actions.

Form inbox

The form inbox allows uploading assets to the Fabasoft Cloud using an HTML form on an arbitrary website. Thus, for example, a continuous digitalized cooperation with an external graphics agency can be realized.