2022 June Release

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With Fabasoft app.telemetry you can measure the performance and monitor the status of the Fabasoft Private Cloud. You can start Fabasoft app.telemetry by clicking “Monitor” in the overview page of the Fabasoft Private Cloud Management. If you are prompted for your credentials, please log on with the user management and the password that you have defined in the initial installation.

In the “Dashboard” view, you will get an overview about the current usage of your Fabasoft Private Cloud.

The “Status” view is for more detailed system monitoring. The group “Fabasoft Cloud Availability” indicates if the Fabasoft Private Cloud is available from the user’s perspective based on health checks from both nodes. If there is an error, email notifications will be sent to the email address that you have defined in the initial installation. You can change this setting in the Fabasoft Private Cloud Management with “Edit Settings” > “Infrastructure” > “Notifications”.

The “Applications” view gives you the possibility of generating ad hoc reports of user requests and doing detailed performance analysis of one or more telemetry requests.

Feedback sessions sent with the support button within the Fabasoft Private Cloud web browser client can be found in the “Inbox”.

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Monitoring of synchronization states can be done with Fabasoft app.telemetry in the status view:

The service groups “Node 1: Data Synchronization” and “Node 2: Data Synchronization” show the state of each cluster node. The following counters are available for each synchronized device:

  • Synchronization Connection State
    “Connected” indicates, that there is a connection between the primary and secondary device. This is the normal operation mode.
  • Synchronization Role
    “Primary” indicates, that the synchronized device is used for operations on this node, data is synchronized to the “Secondary” device with the same name.
  • Synchronization State
    “UpToDate” indicates the normal operation mode. Other states are possible if the connection to the other node is lost (e.g. downtime of a node), or if the paired devices are not synchronized (e.g. re-synchronization after bringing a node back online).
  • Synchronization Warnings
    If the state or the connections state are outside the normal operation mode, a warning condition will be raised automatically in this counter.

The service group “File system synchronization” indicates if the job that searches for missing files on one of the nodes is running regularly.