2022 June Release

Managing HTTPS Certificates Permanent link for this heading

Access to the Fabasoft Private Cloud and the Fabasoft Private Cloud Management is only possible with HTTPS. You can change the TLS certificate in the following way:

  1. Open the Fabasoft Private Cloud Management in a web browser with https://<IP address of node 1 or 2>/.
  2. Click “Configure” and log on with the user management.
  3. Click “Manage HTTPS Certificates”.
  4. Choose “Management Access” or “Fabasoft Private Cloud Access”.
  5. Click “Generate CSR” for creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
  6. Enter the necessary data for a CSR.
  7. Click “Create” and take the generated CSR to request a certificate from a certificate authority.
    Note: You have to also add an additional SAN in the certificate for Fabasoft Private Cloud access for cert.<FQDN of the Fabasoft Private Cloud access>. This is necessary to allow authentication with client certificates. Example: If your FQDN is cloud.example.com then you have to request the additional SAN cert.cloud.example.com in the certificate.
  8. Import the new certificate in the Fabasoft Private Cloud Management.