2022 June Release

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On the devices the Fabasoft Cloud Client has to be installed.

  • Fabasoft Cloud Client
    It is highly recommended to use the Fabasoft Cloud Client whenever it is possible. The client has to be installed by the users themselves. It is provided for download when opening the Fabasoft Private Cloud Web Client. If enterprise policies do not allow installing software, administrators can distribute the enterprise client. The functionality of the Fabasoft Cloud Client and Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client is the same.
    Note: Administrative rights are needed to activate the Windows Explorer visualization that is necessary for the synchronization functionality. If this functionality is not used, no administrative rights are needed.
  • Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client
    In the enterprise environment the installation of software is sometimes not possible (e.g. users are not allowed to execute MSI files or with the use of terminal servers). The enterprise client is installed for all users of a computer (so-called per-machine installation) and can be centrally distributed by administrators. For information about deploying MSI files refer to the documentation of your deployment tool.
    Deploy the CloudClientEnterprise.msi installation package per-machine:
    https://<host private cloud>/cloud/fscasp/content/lib/CloudClientEnterprise.msi
    Note: You have to ensure that no Fabasoft Cloud Client is installed on the devices.


  • The installation of the Fabasoft Cloud Client and the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client on the same computer is not supported.
  • The same client is used for the Fabasoft Cloud and for the Fabasoft Private Cloud. If both systems are used, the auto-update functionality of the client always installs the latest version.

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If a device is not optimally configured, the Fabasoft Private Cloud Web Client shows the necessary configuration steps in the “Web Browser State”. The user has to carry out the described steps. To avoid manual steps for users the following preparation guide has to be checked: