2022 June Release

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The workflow web service provides following operations:

  • GetWorklistAvailableLists
    Returns all non-empty lists of the worklist with reference and name.
  • GetWorklist
    Returns the work list entries of the list defined by the reference parameter.
  • GetWorklistEntry
    Returns a work list entry defined by the obj parameter.
  • GetWorkItems
    Returns the work items for a work list entry defined by the obj parameter.
  • ExecuteWorkItem
    Executes a work item.





More information about the parameters of the operations can be found here (the listed actions are mapped to the corresponding web service operations):

Customization point:

CPMobileAppMapping (https://help.appducx.fabasoft.com/index.php?topic=doc/Reference-Documentation/cps-fscowswf.htm#FSCOWSWF_1_1001_CPMobileAppMapping)