2022 June Release

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Fabasoft provides a native client that allows, for example, editing documents directly via the web client or synchronizing documents on the device. This document describes how to install and configure the Fabasoft Cloud Client.

The Fabasoft Cloud Client can be used with following products:

  • Fabasoft Cloud
  • Fabasoft Private Cloud

There are two native client types:

  • Fabasoft Cloud Client
    In general this client is the right choice. If enterprise policies do not allow installing software, administrators can distribute the enterprise client. The functionality of the Fabasoft Cloud Client and Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client is the same.
  • Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client
    In the enterprise environment the installation of software in local user profiles is sometimes not possible (e.g. users are not allowed to execute MSI files or with the use of terminal servers). The enterprise client is installed for all users of a computer (so-called per-machine installation) and can be centrally distributed by administrators.
    Attention: The installation of the Fabasoft Cloud Client and the Fabasoft Cloud Enterprise Client on the same computer is not supported.