Organization Roles
2018 Spring Release

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Via the following organization roles you can define users who are responsible for managing the organization:

  • Owner and Co-Owners
    The owner and co-owners can manage the organization, have access to all Teamrooms of the organization and thus can view all the data.
    A new owner can only be entitled by the current owner. Co-owners can be defined by the owner and other co-owners.
  • Main Administrator and Administrators
    The main administrator and the administrators can manage the organization but have no access to the Teamrooms of the organization. The main administrator can be chosen from the administrators. If a main administrator is defined, only this administrator receives automatically generated messages that concern the organization (e.g. accepted or refused invitations). Otherwise all administrators receive these messages.
    Administrators and the main administrator can be defined by the owner, co-owners.
    The Main Administrator field is only visible if at least two administrators are defined.

To define organization roles, perform the following steps:

  1. In the dashboard of the organization click Advanced Settings.
  2. Click the “Define Organization Roles” action.
  3. Define the desired organization roles.
  4. Click “Save”.